CoDEEC 2023

3rd Conference of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Winter 2023









Realiza-se na próxima quarta-feira, dia 8 de fevereiro, a CoDEEC 2023. Nela, os estudantes apresentarão o trabalho que estão a realizar na disciplina de dissertação, sob a forma de “Elevator Pitch” e de um poster.
O programa é o que se segue:
14:00 – Welcome to CoDEEC – Prof. Rui Cortesão, A3
14:05 – Why does EEC really matter?  – Prof. Paulo Menezes. A3 
14:15 – DEEC-UC: My alma mater and my career! – Dr. Rui Melo, Perceive 3D Founder amd CTO, A3
14:45– Dissertation: How and why – Prof. Lino Marques, A3
14:50 – Elevator Pitch Session –  MSc students, A3, A4, T4.1, T4.4
16:20 – Poster Session –  MSc students, Floor 2
17:30 – Closing

Rui Melo


Rui got his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Coimbra in 2009 and started his career as a researcher in camera calibration and real-time image processing for endoscopy systems for the Institute for System and Robotics of Coimbra. While finishing his PhD, he embarked into the entrepreneurial path and co-founded P3D – a startup dedicated to driving surgical precision by bringing to market software for visualization enhancement and surgical navigation in orthopaedics. As co-founder and CTO, the responsibilities include coordination of the engineering team, project management, quality system supervision and general management of the company. He is now an R&D manager at a global medical company, where he aspires to keep bringing cutting edge technology to the medical devices industry.

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